Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We are all kids at heart!

We planned on taking the kids to our pool and found that it was closed. WHY? I have NO idea. So we opted for playing at the play ground. It was fun watching the kids play with there Daddy and even more fun watching Daryle play with the toys.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BYU vs Oklahoma

Daryle had a trip to TX this past week which was part work and part fun. He went with some co-workers to meet with some clients and watch BYU's first game. BYU were the underdogs and Oklahoma being the 3rd seed was thought to win the game. It was played at the brand new Cowboys stadium which was said to be amazing!

Eva girl

We have a new little girl hanging around at the Stafford's. My niece Eva is now staying with us during the day while her mommy is at school. Today is the first day and a day of change. She's as sweet as can be. She loves to hang around me and follow me everywhere. Its a change for me because I'm so used to my kids being independent and me wanting to be around them. She's always hug me or kamaile and always wants my attention. I've realized how nice it is to have somewhat children who can do for themselves. Today I've asked Eva to wash her hands and she told me no and that she was scared to do it. I had to stand there and do it with her. As long as I was there she was fine. I asked her to put a cup on the table and push it in the middle so that kamaile doesn't get to it and she put it at the edge and said that she couldn't push it to the middle and that it was to hard to push it. So I took her hand and showed her that she could do it and that it wasn't hard. I find that I have alot to work on with her. Just trying to get her comfortable in my home and confident enough to do things for herself. She's family and I'm going to try to treat her as that. She is fully capable of doing what Kamden and Kamaile can do and I hope that she will become comfortable to function here without me being right there with her all day long. She has asked all day about Makayla. She and Makayla are best friends already. She wanted to go and visit Makayla at school. Its so cute how they are buddies and how Makayla tries to play big sister/best friend with her.
I'll let you all know about the progress.