Monday, October 12, 2009

I loved watching the kids run around and enjoy being around there cousins. Makayla was so cute. She was determined to catch the bouquet. She went on and on about how she was going to catch it and what did you know, Makayla caught the bouquet. She was so excited about catching it was great. Watching her catch it was super funny. That girl has some aggression. I tell you what when she wants something she will get it.

Fun wedding pictures.

We took some fun pictures of the kids running around having fun and getting

Rai's Wedding

My sister got married at the end of September and had her bridal shower the weekend before. Family came up from California to join in the celebration. We had fun as brothers and sisters visiting and really spending time together.

Our Seattle Trip

We took the family at the end of September to Seattle to for one of Daryle's Softball tournaments and found ourselves enjoying the life of the city. We went with a couple of families and fellow team members to the Mariner's vs Yankee's series game and enjoyed watching the Mariner's win.

We walked Pikes Market place and watched fish fly. I saw fruits and vegetables that looked two times the size of what they are here in Utah. They smelt sweet and delicious! We saw beautiful flowers that were being sold for amazing prices.

We walked the board walk and enjoyed watching the sail boats and the fresh ocean air.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We are all kids at heart!

We planned on taking the kids to our pool and found that it was closed. WHY? I have NO idea. So we opted for playing at the play ground. It was fun watching the kids play with there Daddy and even more fun watching Daryle play with the toys.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BYU vs Oklahoma

Daryle had a trip to TX this past week which was part work and part fun. He went with some co-workers to meet with some clients and watch BYU's first game. BYU were the underdogs and Oklahoma being the 3rd seed was thought to win the game. It was played at the brand new Cowboys stadium which was said to be amazing!

Eva girl

We have a new little girl hanging around at the Stafford's. My niece Eva is now staying with us during the day while her mommy is at school. Today is the first day and a day of change. She's as sweet as can be. She loves to hang around me and follow me everywhere. Its a change for me because I'm so used to my kids being independent and me wanting to be around them. She's always hug me or kamaile and always wants my attention. I've realized how nice it is to have somewhat children who can do for themselves. Today I've asked Eva to wash her hands and she told me no and that she was scared to do it. I had to stand there and do it with her. As long as I was there she was fine. I asked her to put a cup on the table and push it in the middle so that kamaile doesn't get to it and she put it at the edge and said that she couldn't push it to the middle and that it was to hard to push it. So I took her hand and showed her that she could do it and that it wasn't hard. I find that I have alot to work on with her. Just trying to get her comfortable in my home and confident enough to do things for herself. She's family and I'm going to try to treat her as that. She is fully capable of doing what Kamden and Kamaile can do and I hope that she will become comfortable to function here without me being right there with her all day long. She has asked all day about Makayla. She and Makayla are best friends already. She wanted to go and visit Makayla at school. Its so cute how they are buddies and how Makayla tries to play big sister/best friend with her.
I'll let you all know about the progress.

Friday, August 28, 2009

New favorite Blog

I was referred to this blog from my wonderful visiting teacher. Her daughter does a website with tested receipts of freezer meals. Take a look at the website and you will see that these aren't your typical receipts but receipts that you would not think could be frozen.


Bumps and bruises.

In addition to Kamailes short hair she now has road burn on her face near her eyes and on her shoulder. She was chasing our toy tractor that you ride on down our drive way and fell when she couldn't keep up with it and scrapped up her face. Her left eye was swollen shut the following morning. She never bled but she now looks like an abused child. After all this and it healed Makayla knocked Kamaile over on her bike and ran over her. Her left eye once again is swollen since she hit the ground on it and is bruised. I tell you what she is looking really beaten up.

Hair cuts and MORE

Kamaile got a haircut two weeks ago without Daryle and my permission. We have a 16yrs old girl who comes over and visits often. She decided one day while we were home to see if she could cut Kamaile's hair. I thought she was joking and sarcastically said ok. So she ventured deeper and was like come on lets do it it would be fun. So I told her to ask Daryle knowing he would say NO. He did tell her NO and 10 min later she took Kamaile up stairs and takes the clippers and shaves her head. At this point Kamaile had about 4 inches of curly hair. I heard her screaming and yelled at her upstairs to see what was going on. Kristine the 16yr old came down stairs with Kamaile and was like; "Don't you like her hair?" As she got closer I was able to see the damage. Kamaile had one long strip of hair gone on the left side of her hair. Then she had random strips of hair taking off of the back of her head. She had cuts on her hair from the clippers. Kristine didn't use a clip on the clippers but just took them and had NO clue what she was doing.
I was shocked. I was mad and at this point was slowly building to a boil. I told Kristine to show Daryle and she didn't want to in fear of Daryle getting mad. She was like NO I'm scared. She showed Daryle and all he did was say look at my little girl look what you did and the left the house. Daryle was ticked.
We had to finish shaving Kamailes hair at this point. We used a #2 hair clip and shaved the rest off. Kamaile screamed the whole time we were doing this. She was traumatized. It was torture! I was so upset that my little girl was going through this and that she now looked like a boy. I was upset that she was hurt and didn't know how to emotionally deal with it. Inside I wanted to yell at this girl. I didn't yell at her but explained to her that there are good choices and bad choices and that this is a prime example of a bad choice. No shes not drinking or smoking but it was still a bad choice. I talked to her about her thought process and why she would do this after being told NO and then continuing when Kamaile is scared and screaming bloody murder. I basically cried. When I'm mad and upset I cry. I think this was the only thing that got through to her. She didn't feel bad before but at this point she knew that I was really upset.
Kamaile's hair is growing back really fast. She's gone two weeks now and it looks like she just had a short hair cut on purpose. We keep hair bands on her with bows on them so that people know that she's a girl. Kamaile now loves to wear her headbands when before she would wrip them off of her head. She does feel empty on top. Every once in a while I'll see her feeling for her hair. She used to play with it and run her fingers through it. Now she just tries to grab for it when she forgets its not there.

I figure what's done is done. I'm sure down the road when she is older and I look back on it I'll smile and say to Daryle, remember when....

Kamden starts Preschool.

If most of you remember last year, taking Kamden to preschool was always difficult. He would fight, cry, go limp as a fish, and cling to me each time I tried to drop him off. As the year went on it progressively got worse. Remembering how he was then I was worried about how he would do now. As the first day of school came Kamden didn't want to go. We got ready and showed up at school and to my surprise he got out of the car and started walking to the school without me even next to him. I caught up with him and was walking slightly behind me. I wouldn't let him touch me or try to hold my hand because I knew if I let him he would start to cling. As we rounded the corner hall and we could see his class door open I told Kamden to go to his class. He walks straight into his class with NO tears and didn't even look back.
Can I tell you how shocked and proud of him I was and am! I feel like he has matured and grown during the summer. Either he has more confidence in himself or he cut one of those strings that was attached to me and is doing well without it. Since then he's done really good. I had one day of tears but none since. I find if I don't walk with him to the class he will go all by himself. He loves school and his teacher. He talks in detail about all the doings in the class and talks about it with such enthusiasm.

School has started!

Makayla started all day school this year. We are so excited! Daryle and I took her clothes shopping and turned it into a date. It was fun spending time with her and seeing how much she has grown up. She has such an opinion on what she wears, whats cute and whats not. Its funny watching her pick the different shirts that she likes and the ones that Daryle and I like for her. I have to say all of our styles are SOOOO different.
On the first day of school Makayla woke up extra early and was excited to get going. At 7:30am Makayla was ready for the day. She picked out her own outfit from her new school clothes picked out the bow that went in her hair and even told me how she wanted her hair done. She asked me about every 5 min if its time to walk to the school bus. When the time did come I wanted to walk her to the bus stop. Makayla didn't like this so much.

"MOM I don't need you to walk me to the bus stop I can walk by myself!"

"MOM I'm not taking pictures thats so embarrassing! MOM stop taking pictures!"

Holy cow how did my little girl turn into an independent child. She is growing up way to fast and talking like she already wants nothing to do with me. I wish I could slow down time and have her want me to be with her more. And let me be mom.
Having her at school all day is very nice but I have to admit I do miss her and look forward to her coming home.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Poison Control

After 6 years of having children we had to break down and call poison control on Sunday. Our youngest has always done really well taking liquid meds. Weather they tasted good or not she always drank them and liked to hold the bottles. Well this Sunday she woke up with a really nasty snotty nose so I kept her home from church and gave her some Dimetapp cold and allergy to help dry out her nose. If any of you have tasted Dimetapp I would say it tastes like grape koolaid. So I left the Cosco size bottle on top of our counter after giving her her meds and didn't think anything of it. Well 3 hours later my sister runs up the stairs to tell me that she found Kamaile on top of the counter, the dimetapp bottle empty on the floor and our little girl smelling like grapes. Somehow she had opened the bottle and drank about 3oz of Dimetapp.
When talking to Poison Control they told me that she didn't drink enough to have to take her to the hospital but that she will either be really hyper or extremely tired. Last night she was bouncing off the walls, but this morning she was extremely tired. She came into my bed early and would not let me leave her side. She was in an out of it all morning long. It is now 12:40pm and she is finally awake and eating.
Now I know to keep all meds no matter what kind of child proof lids they have on them up high and away from her and the others.

Its a?

Friday I was supposed to find out what we were having and I missed my appointment. I'm terrible at remembering what time things are at so I put them in my phone to remind me. Well when friday came along I went to find my phone and found that it was lost. So I decided that I would find my computer and look up my doctors number and call to see what time the appointments at. So as I'm searching that morning I am having a hard time finding it. During this whole time Makayla has been sneaking peaks at me and snickering. Little did I know she has hid my computer and thought it was hilarious that I am searching all over the house for it and am having a hard time finding it. So around 2:45pm Makayla decides to let me know that she had hidden it. To this day I still don't know where she hid it at.
I call the doctors to find out that my appointment was at 1:15pm. So I have rescheduled for Tuesday at 1:30pm. Not only do I have it in my phone but also on my large calander. My friends all know when it is and will be calling me as well to remind me about my appointment so that I do not miss it again.
It seems to me that everyone it anxious to find out what we are having.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kamden's 4th Birthday

Kamden turn's 4yrs old

The day we left to Virginia was Kamden's birthday. We through a pirates party with a treasure hunt, a water gun ship battle, and a treasure chest pinata for all the kids. We handed out pirates hats and eye patches for all the kids including a hook as they walked into the party. Kamden had 12 friends come over which were a mixture of girls and boys and had a blast playing with all of them. He was so tickled to death to see all these friends of his come for him and bring him presents. When each kid would come to the door he would stop playing with the friend he was playing with and move of the that friend. It was so funny he just had to many options of friends to play with. The kids ate pizza before all the festivities began and then went wild and crazy. By the time the party was over our house was destroyed. Sticky finger prints were everywhere. Frosting on the floors and carpets. Nerds spread all over the formal living area and candy trash pieces spread out. Our vacuum struggled to pick up all the broken candy that was spread all over the floor from the pinata. We made a mad dash to clean and 3 hours later we were on our way to the airport getting ready to head out to VA.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Potty time....Yeah!

As alot of you know Kamaile is 19months and probably ready for potty training. I would randomly sit her on the toilette but she was never really interested in it. She would take her diaper off all by herself and run around without one on. Keeping a diaper on her was very difficult. So today she took her diaper off again and so Daryle told her to go pee. She walked to the toilette got on it ALL BY HERSELF and PEED! Can you believe it? Since then she has gone twice all by herself without us telling her to. Crazy!!!! She taught herself just like Makayla. Its AMAZING!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Things I've learned this week.

Things I have learned this reading Alicia's blog I thought I'd list things that I have learned this week or things that I am trying to work on. I've learned that holding on to grudges just holds me back. And doesn't help me feel happy on the inside. I've discovered Prilosec OTC and now know that I can't live without it for the next 7 months. It helps indigestion and heart burn. Being pregnant I am a gassy girl with really painful indigestion so this is my cure. I've learned that I still need to be patient and loving even when my child in all over me and stinks like the outdoors which makes me sick. Wether he or she stinks I still need to cuddle and show them love because they have hurt feelings and don't feel loved if I push them away and tell them they stink. I'm really bad at spending money and sticking to a budget. I cut up my credit cards so that I have no cushion if I run out of money on my budget. My husband has all the checks so that I can really learn how to live on a budget and not just write a check for more money like I would normally do. I learned that I don't need to be dressed in the most expensive jeans and look the cuttest and that I have plenty of clothes and don't need more. I'm working on not stopping somewhere to eat every time I leave my house. I have realized that I taught my kids that when we leave the house even after eating lunch that it is okay to stop somewhere to get a drink at the gas station or stop for ice cream or even another meal if they nag me enough. I am now trying to retrain them on eating at home and bringing a snack or water with them in the car in case they get hungry or they have to wait until we get home. This one isn't just them I have to train....its me too. I am working on sticking to my rules at home. Like not playing until chores are done....and NO they can't wait in the house until you finish your chores. Chores sometimes take all morning long and yeah some mornings would be nice to have them gone. Like I said I'm still working on sticking to my rules. So those are some things I've learned and some things I am working on.

The joys of Family Pictures

There are reasons why we don't have many family pictures. One might be because Daryle only like family photos done during the summer time when we are all tan. Another reason could be because NONE of our kids will sit for the pictures and smile.

It takes lots of bribery and threats to get them to just sit there. The only one this time that we didn't have to fight was Kamaile and that was because she was so exhausted from the day that she fell asleep and couldn't take  part in the theatrics. 
And here is our family picture. Will they ever grow out of this? The pouting because they are forced to smile when they don't even want to be there? We will see!
Monday nights were Aunt Julie's softball games. We would go and cheer her on and play in the dirt. 

These pictures were the first game we went to where it was hot and dirty. Our kids had dirt piled in there hair and caked on there body. 

Kamaile really enjoyed throwing the dirt and occasionally putting it on Kamden.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fishing Wall of Fame

This is the Fishing Wall of Fame picture of Kamden.He was so proud of himself. He carried around a copy of this picture and would only allow me to look at it. He was so cute. We of course had him show other people but it was through alot of coaxing. 
We ate the fish the next time we were at my fil's house. Kamden and Makayla were really anxious to eat them. 

VA Pictures

Picture of Daryle and I at the lake. I love this picture.

FIL's Family Picture
My kids were worn out by this time so Kamaile was wanting to take a nap and Makayla didn't want to smile. Kamden just doesn't like to take pictures. Over all I think its a pretty good picture at the lake.

From top Left to Right: Daryle, Kamden, Makayla, Kahea, Karin, Edwin, Kamaile, Julie, Brant, Bottom Row: Eric, Kyle, and Boss.

Virginia Trip 1

We went to Virginia for 5 1/2 weeks in June and had lots of fun. We went between Daryle's parents and tried to make sure that we spent even amounts of time with each family. Daryle spent 10 glorious days out in VA with our family. I say glorious because with him gone it was a struggle not having him there. When he left we still had a month to go with out him. In the 10 days Daryle was there we packed in an event or activity everyday. Fishing, days at the lake, or b
each, cookouts, four wheeling, Bush Gardens, and
 target shooting. In between that I'm sure I missed some things.
Fishing: My father in law (fil) has a Fishing Wall of Fame with pictures of each time family has gone fishing with him and caught a fish. Daryle is on that wall, my fil's wife, Kamden and Makayla. This wall is a wall I was hoping I could be placed on this trip. I tell you what fish do not lik
 me. Maybe its because they know that I like to eat them or something but they do not get near my fishing pole. I've been fishing with them every trip I've been to VA but still no luck. It could be that Daryle and I have a hard time waking up at the crack of dawn when th
ey like to eat. 
Who knows.....looks like I will be trying to get on the Fishing Wall of Fame next year.

Days at the Lake: We spent alot of time at the lake on this trip. Our 
kids loved being in the water and jumping off the dock. Every time we would go to the lake Makayla became braver and 
braver. She started out with a life vest on which she did not like. After
 much complaint and nagging we little by little let her gain more freedom. We were worried because with this lake water if anything happened we wouldn't be able to se
e her or anyone else if they went down. Makayla is a really good swimmer 
d we discovered its hard to reason with a 6 yr old girl who never wears a vest. By the end of our tri
p she was jumping off the dock with no life vest and swimming around with the big kids. Its amazing how fast she is growing and wanting to act like all the older kids. Kamden knew without having to ask to put his vest on. This little man was jumping and doing flips off the dock. No fear! He
 is my little dare devil. He loved being at the lake. Every morning
 we were at grandpas house he woke up ready to go to the lake. Kamaile is like Ma
kayla. She is my water baby. We had her in the water going under and coming out with a huge smile on her face. She 
would run into the water and jump into the water and land on her bum. Sometimes she would run out to far before jumping to land on her bum and would find her whole head underwater. She didn't know limitations. All she knew is that someone would be there to help her when she would go under. I don't believe one time she was upset when s
he went under on her own. I might of had a heart attack but she was fine. 

The Beach: The beach was a whole family affair. We had Grandma and Grandpa there
 with Eric and Karin. Plenty of eyes to watch the kids play in the water. It was such a beautiful day to be at the beach when we went. Our kids loved playing in the water and swimming with the waves. We bought bogie boards for Makayla and Kamden so that they could ride the waves. Daryle tried to show them how to ride the waves. It was so funny! I think our kids got hurt and put under the waves more with the boards then if they didn't have it strapped to them. Kamden loved having the board attached to him. He would have the board trailing behind him and each time a wave would come it would pick up the board and pull Kamden backwards
 and under the
 water. He has alot of
determination because he always got back up and tried again.

Busch Gardens: We had so much fun at Busch Garde
ns. My kids all love roller coasters from the marry go round to the fast moving strap you in rides. They had a kids area that had water shooting out of the ground different roller coasters that all of our kids could go on. This was Kamaile's first experience riding on roller coasters and at first she was a bit nervous with them but by the time we left the park she didn't want to get off of the rides. Kamden was at a height that he could go on alot of the rides but of course not all of them. Makayla was able to go on all but 2 rides. She had alot of fun riding rides over and over again. We went with my Mother in law (mil), her husband, my Sister in law (sil) and her husband. We walked the whole park watching different shows riding rides and eating. 

Cookouts: All I can say is that we ate and ate and ate. The food was the best and the family get togethers are going to be something we are going to miss alot out here in Utah.

I'm a slacker!

So its been a while since I've done my blog and have been meaning to do it since I got back out of town. I have so much to write that I don't even know where to start.

So Daryle and I are expecting AGAIN! We took the kids to see the ultra sound which was really amazing for them. They were so excited to come with us to my appointment that they couldn't sit still or quite during it. They saw the baby's heart beat, and its whole shape. Body, legs, arms and all. Once they saw the baby they were mesmerized. Makayla kept on asking what the baby is. She kept on saying.....Is it a girl?.....Is it a boy?....Why don't you know yet?....Why can't you see it yet? She really wanted to know what we were having. Kamden just smiled a mile long and could take his eyes off out little one. It was a really sweat moment for us.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Teachers Appreciation

A couple of weeks ago was teacher appreciation week. Each room mom was responsible for having the teachers door decorated. Here is Makayla's Kindergarten Mrs. Benson's door.

Palms Springs 3

So the conference we went to was a soapmakers/beauty products conference. Daryle's company is the associations insurance for each member. Here are some of the soaps they had on display for a contest. Here are the ones I really liked. They really smelled good.

Palms Springs 2

Daryle joined me at the pool usually every day to do some exercises and enjoy the sun. On one of these days we were playing some pool games trying to see who could swim under water the longest without coming up for air. On one of these tries he was swimming and ran head first into the wall. He was swimming diagonally because one of his shoulders have been hurting him due to a muscle tear so naturally he started going towards the wall. I was to far away from him to stop him so he ran into the wall. 
It was SOOOO funny!

Palms Springs 1

Daryle had a conference to attend in Palms Springs and invited me along. We stayed at this beautiful resort that had amazing landscaping. The resort had a Tuscan villa feel to it. It had hibiscus flowers all over the area and bougainvillea climbing the walls. Rose bushes scattered the grounds and sent a very sweet scent in the air. The atmospher was a really relaxed positive feeling. They offered yoga classes and tai chi classes each day and meditation classes. They had a spa on the resort next to the main pool which offered everything imaginable including a high consentrated salt pool. 
While Daryle was busy at the conference going to meetings I was enjoying the warm air at the pool. I spent most of my time at the pool going for a swim or getting some sun on my skin. I spent a whole day at the spa enjoying there massages and some of there different ammentities. They offered the salt pool which was so relaxing. This salt pool is a place where you would lay in the water without having to worry about floating. Because it has such a high amount of salt you automatically float. the purpose of it is to let all your muscles relax including your brain. Your body could reach a higher lever of relaxation becuase your brain doesn't have to use alot of its functions. I went to a yoga class and read a book while laying in a hammock under a tree.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Our little boy loves super heros! Today we had the pleasure of being in spidermans presence. Jump kicking off couches, flying around our rooms and fighting all the bad guys. He went outside,which is beautiful, and decided he was going to fly to the air like spiderman does except his web didn't work and he landed straight on his head. I came out of the house to find my little spiderman on the ground holding his head and crying. He said; "I tried to be like spiderman and I hurt my head." Even our super hero's need mothers to tend to there tears and make them feel better. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

He's a Screamer!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday we have preschool to attend. Our little boy has been fighting me on going every school day. We argue when we are getting dressed for school. He kicks and screams and cries hysterically while I am dragging him into his class room and threatening him. it supposed to be this hard to get your child to school? Is it so bad that I want to just quiet preschool since we have only a week or two left? I understand the importance of it but MY GOODNESS it shouldn't be this bad. "Its more fun to be with MOMMY then going to school!"What do I say to that? I love that he wants to be with me but he really does need to go. I can do it....RIGHT? Only two more weeks....I can do it!

Monday, April 27, 2009

T-ball and Coach Pitch

This Saturday was the kids first T-ball and Coaches Pitch game. 
Kamden was a bit shy and did not want to do anything unless his Mommy was next to him holding his hands. It was freezing out side so he was bundled up shivering. He has two friends on his team that he goes to church or preschool with. He told me after the game while we were driving home that He can play baseball all by his self next time.
Makayla played and was pretty occupied with what her teammates were doing. She liked to watch all the kids run after the ball and try to throw it. I don't think she moved a step in her first out field experience. Coming up to bat was also very funny to watch. I could have sworn she was afraid of the bat let alone the ball. She told me later on that day that she didn't like baseball and that she wants to play soccer instead. This might be a long season for her.

Hideous Chair!

So I bought a chair that I thought looked SOOO cute. When I bought it it looked really good in the ladies home. So I thought I loved it. Well bringing it in our home was a whole other story. Its AWFUL!!!! Daryle was so appalled by it I had to laugh. He had to take it down stairs to the basement because he didn't want it at all in our view. 
Needless to say, I will be selling this chair. 


I've always been one who liked change. This weekend has been one of those times where I was on a change kick. Recently I have been obsessing over our layout in our formal living room. I've been looking through decorating magazines and have been getting some ideas. If you are familiar with our home we have an awkward space for our formal entry area. It looks like it would be a formal sitting and dining room area with out the space needed for both. Its to big for just a formal but two small for both. So we had a upright piano, a big couch and love seat, an over sized chair and ottoman in this area. I felt like it was crowded and started looking old. Like the furniture upholstery was dated. So I started hitting up KSL.COM. Can I say, there is NOTHING wrong with buying used? So we have to much furniture in this area. I bought a wing back chair and am now trying to look for another one that would match the one I just purchased. I talked daryle out of trying to keep everything in the area and add the chair. I had to show him that in all my magazines that every living room had A couch and two chairs. Not a couch and love seat with chairs. Of course if you have enough room for that more power to you but we don't. So Friday, Saturday and Sunday we moved around our furniture. I was in Heaven. Our formal area is not completed but I now see the hope in it. I'm trying to sell some of our furniture that we don't need or that I don't want on KSL.COM. Wish me luck.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Easter is one of the holidays that I feel gets lost in the egg hunts and Easter Bunny. This year was different for our family. Yes we did do the Easter egg hunts and had our Easter baskets. We ate our Easter dinner and lots of candy. But above all of that we talked with the kids about what Easter is all about. It was neat to talk to Makayla about it. She had a lot of questions about what Jesus Christ had done for us and why. WHY? Sometimes its hard to explain how Christ was resurrected and why he attoned for all of our sins. I believe that our talk with the kids helped start there learning on all the things he has done for us. I hope that it has started a small testimony within them about Jesus Christ and a want to learn more.

I spoke for the first time in 8 yrs today in Sacrament meeting. My topic was on The Way through Jesus Christ. I talked about how Jesus and his gifts have helped me in my  life. I spoke about the only way that you could return to your Father in Heaven which is through Jesus Christ. He gave us the greatest gift of all. He's there for us through our good and bad times. He's felt what we have all felt. 

Its always fun when family is in town. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Most of you all know that I have a climber in our home. She comes to your knees and loves to run around and try to climb on anything and everything. So thursday last week Kamaile our 15month old discovered light switches. She has a active playtable that plays songs and has interactive learning things on them. Rather then play with the table our little girl loves to stand on top of it. She moved the table over to our wall that hold our fireplace switches. She climbed onto her table and started playing with the switches, turning the fireplace on and off.
While she was up that high she had spotted another light switch that was near our couch. Daryle was sitting on the couch right next to the switch. Kamaile being her innovative self tried climbing up the couch. Of course she is not tall enough to do that, so who better to get her up there then her dad. She called to her daddy and said,"Bubp..bubp." Daryle picked her up and immediately she was trying to crawl out of his arms to get to the light switch. Daryle and I were laughing about it not thinking anything about it. 5 min later Kamaile was on the couch playing by herself with the switch. We had put pillows down so that in case she fell she would fall on pillows. Out of the corner of my eye I see Kamaile on the arm of the couch jumping off of it onto the ground. Not a fall, not a slip, but a full out jump. I could believe my eyes the girl usually is very careful to not fall and here she is jumping off the couch. She landed on her feet but the impact was pretty bad. Kamaile was taken to the doctors because she couldn't walk and found out that she bruised her bone below the knee and had fluid around her knee.
My little girls is so sad to watch. She can't walk. She kinda one leggedly crawls. I feel bad that she's hurt but I really hope she has learned from this and will not do this again. Hopefully next week she will start being able to walk again.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

I had a trip away from the kids and responsibility of motherhood with some of my closest friends. All mothers who needed a getaway. Our husbands were all supportive in letting us go and have our fun. We stayed in a poolside suite, enjoyed the sun while drinking virgin pina-colada's, shopped the premiere outlets  and danced the night away. 
Its so nice knowing that I have a loving husband who understands the importance of girl time. Daryle stayed home with the kids and took great care of them. He took them to a BYU volleyball game and treated them to a dinner out. I came home to a nice clean house. He is such a great husband and father. Its so nice knowing that I don't have to worry about them when I am out of town.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New calling

So I am in Young Womens now. I'm so excited. I can't wait to be a part in these girls lives and give them the guidance and love that will help them lead a good life. I want to just jump into everything and start running. I have to admit that I am nervous because its all new to me but I'm sure I will have help along the way. FUN!!!

Dare Devil

My little boy is a Dare Devil! It is finally nice outside so of course Kamden doesn't want to be inside. He has taken off on his bike and has crashed and burned. 
We have some dirt jumps that our neighborhood kids have made. Kamden had decided that he was going to jump them. He did really good a couple of times but like all fun things they come to an end. He took off the jump again and face planted. My poor boy was all bloody and all the neighborhood boys who were at the jump came running down to the house to let me know that kamo had fallen and is bleeding. I ran down there and found him at the bottom of this hill. His bike was broken and my little boy had blood all over his face, hands, and shirt. He was crying. As a mother I panicked. You never want to see your child covered in blood crying hysterically. His eyes were half shut and he was staggering towards me with his arms stretched out. I just wanted to cry with him. His nose had swelled for two days after this but nothing was broken. He needed good cuddling and a bath. 
It breaks my heart to see my kids hurt. I feel so helpless. 
I'm sure this won't be the last of his crazy attempts or hurt filled cries. Heaven help me.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In A Funk.

I'm usually a busy body who loves to be out and about. You would think I really would be out doors considering the weather has been warm and welcoming. For some reason I having a hard time getting out of bed, let alone out of the house. 
I've been reading alot lately which has explained why I've been in the house more but thats not the only thing. I've been cooking dinners alot more lately. that is something considering I was down to cooking MAYBE twice a week. I'm feeling very home and family. Is that even a feeling? 
Today I played with Kamden Chutes and Ladders. It was so cute watching him do the victory dance weather he won or not. After the victory dance he would run and jump right on me so that I could give me a big bear hug. Through his laughter he would say,"I love you mom!" We played over and over again just so that I could here him so those words again and watch him do the victory dance. 
Makayla lost her 2nd tooth on Sunday. I can now say that the tooth fairy did alot better this time around. I figure for each tooth she could get a dollar. So this time she received two dollars. When she woke up the morning it was so funny. She came running into my room and said "mommy look the tooth fairy gave me two dollars.....why?" "I thought I was only going to get one dollar but she gave me two?" I kinda thought it was funny since I could have kept it at a dollar and she would have been happy with that but now that she got two it became confusing. All because I felt like I was a cheap tooth fairy. I had to explain to her that for every tooth she looses she will get that many dollars. She was pretty excited and wanted to count all of her teeth so that she would know how much money she would be getting. What have I gotten myself into.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Kamden has this friend in Preschool that just loves him. When he cried and had to be taken out of the Christmas program this little girl friend made him a "hope you feel better" card. When we saw her at school she would tell Kamden and I that we needed to make sure that we went to her house to pick up the card. When he would cry because she he didn't want to go to class because its a substitute teacher this little girl would try to make him feel better and tell him it will be alright because the teacher is nice. Every time this little girl sees Kamden in Primary she makes it a point to say hi to him. When she tries to talk to him he blushes and becomes really shy.
I ran into this little girl yesterday at a store and her mom said that they were just talking about Kamden. Her daughter was mentioning that Kamden was sad again in school and that she wanted to give him a hug to make him feel better. This little girl is the sweetest thing ever. I asked her mom if Zion would like to come over and play today after school. Zion started blushing and of course said she would. We ran into them again at dinner. Kamden went over to there table and formally asked Zion if she wanted to come over and play today. Kamden was beet red when he asked. It was sooo cute. When she answered he quickly ran away and hide. I just sat there and laughed. Its so sweet how kids are. 

They played today at the house and played really well together. He shared everything with her and her with him. It seems like there two peas in a pod.

So fun!

Valentines Dance

So Daryle is not a dancer and I am. For the past 3 years I have wanted to go to the Stake Valentines dance and every year I had either gotten sick or I was huge and pregnant. So this year I was neither so I dragged Daryle out to the dance. WOW..was it a flash back. I felt like I was at my church high school dances all over again except for everyone was dancing really goofy and there was really good desserts. 
Daryle was being a really good sport. He was my support, something to hold on to while dancing. It was nice dancing with him on the slow dances. Being close and interacting with eachother without doing the nitty gritty. Even though the music was horendous I had so much fun. People watching and slow dancing made the night a blast. 
Will I go back next year? Probably not but hey now I know that I hadn't missed out of much the previous years. 

Happy Birthday Makayla

We did a little family birthday party for her. She had her friend Whitney over to enjoy her brownie cupcakes with her. We had planned on them decorating the cupcakes into butterflies but all they wanted to do was blow out the candles and eat the brownies. 
Makayla had fun. We were able to have her grandparents watch her open her presents and see how much fun she was having on her 6th birthday.

Wedding Bliss

I was able to go to California this past weekend to watch my brother marry his girlfriend of 5 years. I always thought that she would be the one for him. I'm excited that I have another sister in law. 
Kaleo looked so happy and overwhelmed at the same time. The weather was beautiful. I was able to spend time with my brother Jesse and his wife and get to know her better. His kids are so cute and full of energy. 
Coming home to snow and cold weather has been very difficult but having my kids with me here and happy so see me has made all the difference.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lost tooth

So I've been meaning to write for a while but have been preoccupied with my crazy life. Makayla lost her first tooth at the beginning of this month. That night when the tooth fairy came and put money under her pillow her sister woke up and started screaming. I picked her up from her bed and went to put her on the couch so that she wouldn't be disturbed from Kamaile's screaming and she said "mommy I can't leave because I have to make sure the tooth fairy comes. I told her I'm sure the tooth fairy won't forget to check under her pillow. 
The next morning she asked if I was the tooth fairy. Of course I told her I was not. She was happy to know that the tooth fairy had given her a dollar.
That night I went to a class with some friends and found out that this tooth fairy was really cheap. Apparently the tooth fairies going rate is more along the line of $5. Oops!
What she doesn't know won't hurt.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The picture craze.

So I did not realize that pictures of Daryle on our blog would make such a fuss. I find this really funny. WOW. I did not realize people would be trying to get ahold of this blog so they could see him in this light. 
Daryle found out yesterday that I posted these pictures. I have to say he was a really good sport. To be honest I would have about dyed. Our bishop, bishop Jensen, stopped beside our car yesterday to tell Daryle that he saw some pictures of Daryle and thought they were hilarious. Daryle didn't realized what pictures he was talking about until bishop mentioned how he's shaved his hair. Daryle immediately turns to me and asks me who I had shown and how people were looking at these pictures. Well at that point I thought it would be a good time to tell him I put it on our family post. He was a bit shocked, which didn't last that long. Well we were on our way to take the kids to the roller rank and ran into some friends of his and found out that they had seen it as well. How they found out about it I have NO idea. 
Since that night I have had many inquiries about seeing these photos, SO EVERYONE, HERE THEY ARE!