Friday, September 5, 2008

My birthday weekend!

The weekend of my birthday I was dying to do a family day in the mountains. We found a picnic spot that was close to a stream near the Alpine loop. We enjoyed sandwiches and fruit while listening to the water rushing by. Now our family can never stay away from water when its near. This stream was ICE COLD. Daryle was having fun seeing how deep the stream was by lowering the kids into the water. Children I don't think have a clue how cold anything is. You would have never guessed the water was as cold as it was. Kamden had fun throwing rock into the water and seeing it sink to the bottom. He also had fun throwing them at me since of course I showed a reaction to the waters splash. The day was beautiful. We had the kids pick some rocks to take home where we placed them in our front garden.

Goin' Fishin

I just thought this was a fun picture. I had sent it to Daryles family and his mom about had a fit. Its always funny to hear her go off on something we do that she finds out about that is not what she likes. I think this week Daryle and I had a scolding about everyday about something. We love her and her theatric.

A Run In W/A Mailbox

So last week Wednesday Makayla was riding her bike with friends. I had gone inside my friends house thinking she should be fine. A couple minutes later I hear a wail. If ever you've heard Makayla cry its like a deep growl/howl type of cry. She was brought into the house from a neighbor who had said that she was going really fast and hit the mailbox really hard and fell to the ground. When I looked at her she had one scrap. Nothing sever and that was it. She was craddling her arm am while crying was telling me that it hurt. This arm had no scrapes or bruising or really anything that looked wrong. So I told her to calm down and you will be fine. I kinda brushed it off like any other fall my kids would take that isn't a bad fall. Well later that night I had noticed she was still craddling her arm. The next morning I had asked her about her arm. It was still hurting her so I decided to take her to the drs. Little did I know we were going to spend the rest of the day at Primary Childrens Hospital. She had a elbow fracture. Instead of it cracking or chipping her bone was bent. So here is the picture of Makayla waiting to get her sling and arm wrapped until her swelling goes down.

Blogging Bug!

I'm Hooked! I've finally figured out how to blog. Yeah!!!! Its way early in the morning and I'm having trouble wanting to go to sleep. This is like my own journaling of my family and daily fun. My in-laws will love this because they constantly ask for new pictures of the kids and look now they can see pictures. They can see the kids grow and feel like they are apart of our daily lives here in Utah. FUN!!!! okay I really should go to sleep. Oh yeah forgot, Makayla gets her cast on tomorrow. :( I'll let you know how it goes. Night.........

3 plus 2 makes 5

So I had the pleasure of watching my friends kids for two weeks while she was out of town. Crazy me decided we needed to get out of the house. So where do we go? The Dinasour Museum. My kids love this place so we got a season pass to it. So here I am with 5 kids. A 7yr old, a 5yr old, a 3yr old, a 2 1/2 yr old and an 8month old. For some reason I thought well this shouldn't be to bad right? People do this all the time I should be able to do this without a hitch. Well little did I know 5 is a whole nother story. I can tell you this....I will never do that again. I think I stressed over kids taking off or kids falling behind more than anything. Kamden and Helen stayed close to eachother but didn't want to stay close to me. Then the older girls wanted to stay in a certain area when the younger ones have decided to move on. It was crazy. We did get some fun pictures so I thought I'd share.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Makayla's First Day of School!

Makayla has been looking forward to this day since the summer began. She was so excited about going to school but most of all.....RIDING THE BUS! She woke up that morning around 7am got herself ready with clothes she picked out the night before and by 7:30am was ready for school. I had told her that she had to wait until 12:00 for the school bus to pick her up. Every couple of minutes after that she would ask me if it was 12:00. I had gotten to the point where I had to explain to her that 12 is after we have lunch. "Thats okay Mommy I don't want any lunch. Can we go now?" She didn't want lunch to get in her way of getting on the bus right at that momment. Daryle had come home to see her off on her first day of school. While we were walking home from dropping her off at the bus stop we both kept on thinking that time flys. It felt like yesterday she was born and now she is grown up and going to school. I'm happy she's going to school she's really enjoying it, but I have to admit. I miss my babygirl when she's gone.