Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kamden's 4th Birthday

Kamden turn's 4yrs old

The day we left to Virginia was Kamden's birthday. We through a pirates party with a treasure hunt, a water gun ship battle, and a treasure chest pinata for all the kids. We handed out pirates hats and eye patches for all the kids including a hook as they walked into the party. Kamden had 12 friends come over which were a mixture of girls and boys and had a blast playing with all of them. He was so tickled to death to see all these friends of his come for him and bring him presents. When each kid would come to the door he would stop playing with the friend he was playing with and move of the that friend. It was so funny he just had to many options of friends to play with. The kids ate pizza before all the festivities began and then went wild and crazy. By the time the party was over our house was destroyed. Sticky finger prints were everywhere. Frosting on the floors and carpets. Nerds spread all over the formal living area and candy trash pieces spread out. Our vacuum struggled to pick up all the broken candy that was spread all over the floor from the pinata. We made a mad dash to clean and 3 hours later we were on our way to the airport getting ready to head out to VA.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Potty time....Yeah!

As alot of you know Kamaile is 19months and probably ready for potty training. I would randomly sit her on the toilette but she was never really interested in it. She would take her diaper off all by herself and run around without one on. Keeping a diaper on her was very difficult. So today she took her diaper off again and so Daryle told her to go pee. She walked to the toilette got on it ALL BY HERSELF and PEED! Can you believe it? Since then she has gone twice all by herself without us telling her to. Crazy!!!! She taught herself just like Makayla. Its AMAZING!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Things I've learned this week.

Things I have learned this reading Alicia's blog I thought I'd list things that I have learned this week or things that I am trying to work on. I've learned that holding on to grudges just holds me back. And doesn't help me feel happy on the inside. I've discovered Prilosec OTC and now know that I can't live without it for the next 7 months. It helps indigestion and heart burn. Being pregnant I am a gassy girl with really painful indigestion so this is my cure. I've learned that I still need to be patient and loving even when my child in all over me and stinks like the outdoors which makes me sick. Wether he or she stinks I still need to cuddle and show them love because they have hurt feelings and don't feel loved if I push them away and tell them they stink. I'm really bad at spending money and sticking to a budget. I cut up my credit cards so that I have no cushion if I run out of money on my budget. My husband has all the checks so that I can really learn how to live on a budget and not just write a check for more money like I would normally do. I learned that I don't need to be dressed in the most expensive jeans and look the cuttest and that I have plenty of clothes and don't need more. I'm working on not stopping somewhere to eat every time I leave my house. I have realized that I taught my kids that when we leave the house even after eating lunch that it is okay to stop somewhere to get a drink at the gas station or stop for ice cream or even another meal if they nag me enough. I am now trying to retrain them on eating at home and bringing a snack or water with them in the car in case they get hungry or they have to wait until we get home. This one isn't just them I have to train....its me too. I am working on sticking to my rules at home. Like not playing until chores are done....and NO they can't wait in the house until you finish your chores. Chores sometimes take all morning long and yeah some mornings would be nice to have them gone. Like I said I'm still working on sticking to my rules. So those are some things I've learned and some things I am working on.

The joys of Family Pictures

There are reasons why we don't have many family pictures. One might be because Daryle only like family photos done during the summer time when we are all tan. Another reason could be because NONE of our kids will sit for the pictures and smile.

It takes lots of bribery and threats to get them to just sit there. The only one this time that we didn't have to fight was Kamaile and that was because she was so exhausted from the day that she fell asleep and couldn't take  part in the theatrics. 
And here is our family picture. Will they ever grow out of this? The pouting because they are forced to smile when they don't even want to be there? We will see!
Monday nights were Aunt Julie's softball games. We would go and cheer her on and play in the dirt. 

These pictures were the first game we went to where it was hot and dirty. Our kids had dirt piled in there hair and caked on there body. 

Kamaile really enjoyed throwing the dirt and occasionally putting it on Kamden.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fishing Wall of Fame

This is the Fishing Wall of Fame picture of Kamden.He was so proud of himself. He carried around a copy of this picture and would only allow me to look at it. He was so cute. We of course had him show other people but it was through alot of coaxing. 
We ate the fish the next time we were at my fil's house. Kamden and Makayla were really anxious to eat them. 

VA Pictures

Picture of Daryle and I at the lake. I love this picture.

FIL's Family Picture
My kids were worn out by this time so Kamaile was wanting to take a nap and Makayla didn't want to smile. Kamden just doesn't like to take pictures. Over all I think its a pretty good picture at the lake.

From top Left to Right: Daryle, Kamden, Makayla, Kahea, Karin, Edwin, Kamaile, Julie, Brant, Bottom Row: Eric, Kyle, and Boss.

Virginia Trip 1

We went to Virginia for 5 1/2 weeks in June and had lots of fun. We went between Daryle's parents and tried to make sure that we spent even amounts of time with each family. Daryle spent 10 glorious days out in VA with our family. I say glorious because with him gone it was a struggle not having him there. When he left we still had a month to go with out him. In the 10 days Daryle was there we packed in an event or activity everyday. Fishing, days at the lake, or b
each, cookouts, four wheeling, Bush Gardens, and
 target shooting. In between that I'm sure I missed some things.
Fishing: My father in law (fil) has a Fishing Wall of Fame with pictures of each time family has gone fishing with him and caught a fish. Daryle is on that wall, my fil's wife, Kamden and Makayla. This wall is a wall I was hoping I could be placed on this trip. I tell you what fish do not lik
 me. Maybe its because they know that I like to eat them or something but they do not get near my fishing pole. I've been fishing with them every trip I've been to VA but still no luck. It could be that Daryle and I have a hard time waking up at the crack of dawn when th
ey like to eat. 
Who knows.....looks like I will be trying to get on the Fishing Wall of Fame next year.

Days at the Lake: We spent alot of time at the lake on this trip. Our 
kids loved being in the water and jumping off the dock. Every time we would go to the lake Makayla became braver and 
braver. She started out with a life vest on which she did not like. After
 much complaint and nagging we little by little let her gain more freedom. We were worried because with this lake water if anything happened we wouldn't be able to se
e her or anyone else if they went down. Makayla is a really good swimmer 
d we discovered its hard to reason with a 6 yr old girl who never wears a vest. By the end of our tri
p she was jumping off the dock with no life vest and swimming around with the big kids. Its amazing how fast she is growing and wanting to act like all the older kids. Kamden knew without having to ask to put his vest on. This little man was jumping and doing flips off the dock. No fear! He
 is my little dare devil. He loved being at the lake. Every morning
 we were at grandpas house he woke up ready to go to the lake. Kamaile is like Ma
kayla. She is my water baby. We had her in the water going under and coming out with a huge smile on her face. She 
would run into the water and jump into the water and land on her bum. Sometimes she would run out to far before jumping to land on her bum and would find her whole head underwater. She didn't know limitations. All she knew is that someone would be there to help her when she would go under. I don't believe one time she was upset when s
he went under on her own. I might of had a heart attack but she was fine. 

The Beach: The beach was a whole family affair. We had Grandma and Grandpa there
 with Eric and Karin. Plenty of eyes to watch the kids play in the water. It was such a beautiful day to be at the beach when we went. Our kids loved playing in the water and swimming with the waves. We bought bogie boards for Makayla and Kamden so that they could ride the waves. Daryle tried to show them how to ride the waves. It was so funny! I think our kids got hurt and put under the waves more with the boards then if they didn't have it strapped to them. Kamden loved having the board attached to him. He would have the board trailing behind him and each time a wave would come it would pick up the board and pull Kamden backwards
 and under the
 water. He has alot of
determination because he always got back up and tried again.

Busch Gardens: We had so much fun at Busch Garde
ns. My kids all love roller coasters from the marry go round to the fast moving strap you in rides. They had a kids area that had water shooting out of the ground different roller coasters that all of our kids could go on. This was Kamaile's first experience riding on roller coasters and at first she was a bit nervous with them but by the time we left the park she didn't want to get off of the rides. Kamden was at a height that he could go on alot of the rides but of course not all of them. Makayla was able to go on all but 2 rides. She had alot of fun riding rides over and over again. We went with my Mother in law (mil), her husband, my Sister in law (sil) and her husband. We walked the whole park watching different shows riding rides and eating. 

Cookouts: All I can say is that we ate and ate and ate. The food was the best and the family get togethers are going to be something we are going to miss alot out here in Utah.

I'm a slacker!

So its been a while since I've done my blog and have been meaning to do it since I got back out of town. I have so much to write that I don't even know where to start.

So Daryle and I are expecting AGAIN! We took the kids to see the ultra sound which was really amazing for them. They were so excited to come with us to my appointment that they couldn't sit still or quite during it. They saw the baby's heart beat, and its whole shape. Body, legs, arms and all. Once they saw the baby they were mesmerized. Makayla kept on asking what the baby is. She kept on saying.....Is it a girl?.....Is it a boy?....Why don't you know yet?....Why can't you see it yet? She really wanted to know what we were having. Kamden just smiled a mile long and could take his eyes off out little one. It was a really sweat moment for us.