Sunday, October 10, 2010

Its been way to long!

Lots have happened since I last wrote a post. Kole is big and healthy. He's now 9months and just started crawling. Makayla is active and playing soccer. She loves to run so this seems to be the perfect sport for her. Watching her go after the ball and make sure that no one is pushing her around is really exciting and intense. I never thought I'd say this but I am a full on soccer mom. She is very aggressive when she plays. She loves to play middle or forward.
Kamden has been busy with his friends and school. He loves coming home and telling me what kind of things they did during the day. He enjoys doing homework and working in his math book. He is still very busy playing on his bike and playing outside. Right now he is very consumed with his friends and playing with them. He loves to ride the bus and gets upset if I pick him up from school or drive him to school. He is growing up so fast that I feel like my little cuddly momma's boy is fading away.
Kamaile is as active and full of energy as ever. She keeps me running after her and laughing all the while. She misses her siblings now that she is home with just Kole. She asks me every day,"Mom, Kamo on bus? Kamo at school?" I'll answer her and tell her Kamden went on the bus to school and she'll say,"OH!" and then two seconds later we repeat the process until Kamden comes home. Once Kamden is home it switches to Makayla.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I loved watching the kids run around and enjoy being around there cousins. Makayla was so cute. She was determined to catch the bouquet. She went on and on about how she was going to catch it and what did you know, Makayla caught the bouquet. She was so excited about catching it was great. Watching her catch it was super funny. That girl has some aggression. I tell you what when she wants something she will get it.

Fun wedding pictures.

We took some fun pictures of the kids running around having fun and getting

Rai's Wedding

My sister got married at the end of September and had her bridal shower the weekend before. Family came up from California to join in the celebration. We had fun as brothers and sisters visiting and really spending time together.

Our Seattle Trip

We took the family at the end of September to Seattle to for one of Daryle's Softball tournaments and found ourselves enjoying the life of the city. We went with a couple of families and fellow team members to the Mariner's vs Yankee's series game and enjoyed watching the Mariner's win.

We walked Pikes Market place and watched fish fly. I saw fruits and vegetables that looked two times the size of what they are here in Utah. They smelt sweet and delicious! We saw beautiful flowers that were being sold for amazing prices.

We walked the board walk and enjoyed watching the sail boats and the fresh ocean air.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We are all kids at heart!

We planned on taking the kids to our pool and found that it was closed. WHY? I have NO idea. So we opted for playing at the play ground. It was fun watching the kids play with there Daddy and even more fun watching Daryle play with the toys.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BYU vs Oklahoma

Daryle had a trip to TX this past week which was part work and part fun. He went with some co-workers to meet with some clients and watch BYU's first game. BYU were the underdogs and Oklahoma being the 3rd seed was thought to win the game. It was played at the brand new Cowboys stadium which was said to be amazing!