Monday, April 27, 2009

T-ball and Coach Pitch

This Saturday was the kids first T-ball and Coaches Pitch game. 
Kamden was a bit shy and did not want to do anything unless his Mommy was next to him holding his hands. It was freezing out side so he was bundled up shivering. He has two friends on his team that he goes to church or preschool with. He told me after the game while we were driving home that He can play baseball all by his self next time.
Makayla played and was pretty occupied with what her teammates were doing. She liked to watch all the kids run after the ball and try to throw it. I don't think she moved a step in her first out field experience. Coming up to bat was also very funny to watch. I could have sworn she was afraid of the bat let alone the ball. She told me later on that day that she didn't like baseball and that she wants to play soccer instead. This might be a long season for her.

Hideous Chair!

So I bought a chair that I thought looked SOOO cute. When I bought it it looked really good in the ladies home. So I thought I loved it. Well bringing it in our home was a whole other story. Its AWFUL!!!! Daryle was so appalled by it I had to laugh. He had to take it down stairs to the basement because he didn't want it at all in our view. 
Needless to say, I will be selling this chair. 


I've always been one who liked change. This weekend has been one of those times where I was on a change kick. Recently I have been obsessing over our layout in our formal living room. I've been looking through decorating magazines and have been getting some ideas. If you are familiar with our home we have an awkward space for our formal entry area. It looks like it would be a formal sitting and dining room area with out the space needed for both. Its to big for just a formal but two small for both. So we had a upright piano, a big couch and love seat, an over sized chair and ottoman in this area. I felt like it was crowded and started looking old. Like the furniture upholstery was dated. So I started hitting up KSL.COM. Can I say, there is NOTHING wrong with buying used? So we have to much furniture in this area. I bought a wing back chair and am now trying to look for another one that would match the one I just purchased. I talked daryle out of trying to keep everything in the area and add the chair. I had to show him that in all my magazines that every living room had A couch and two chairs. Not a couch and love seat with chairs. Of course if you have enough room for that more power to you but we don't. So Friday, Saturday and Sunday we moved around our furniture. I was in Heaven. Our formal area is not completed but I now see the hope in it. I'm trying to sell some of our furniture that we don't need or that I don't want on KSL.COM. Wish me luck.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Easter is one of the holidays that I feel gets lost in the egg hunts and Easter Bunny. This year was different for our family. Yes we did do the Easter egg hunts and had our Easter baskets. We ate our Easter dinner and lots of candy. But above all of that we talked with the kids about what Easter is all about. It was neat to talk to Makayla about it. She had a lot of questions about what Jesus Christ had done for us and why. WHY? Sometimes its hard to explain how Christ was resurrected and why he attoned for all of our sins. I believe that our talk with the kids helped start there learning on all the things he has done for us. I hope that it has started a small testimony within them about Jesus Christ and a want to learn more.

I spoke for the first time in 8 yrs today in Sacrament meeting. My topic was on The Way through Jesus Christ. I talked about how Jesus and his gifts have helped me in my  life. I spoke about the only way that you could return to your Father in Heaven which is through Jesus Christ. He gave us the greatest gift of all. He's there for us through our good and bad times. He's felt what we have all felt. 

Its always fun when family is in town. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Most of you all know that I have a climber in our home. She comes to your knees and loves to run around and try to climb on anything and everything. So thursday last week Kamaile our 15month old discovered light switches. She has a active playtable that plays songs and has interactive learning things on them. Rather then play with the table our little girl loves to stand on top of it. She moved the table over to our wall that hold our fireplace switches. She climbed onto her table and started playing with the switches, turning the fireplace on and off.
While she was up that high she had spotted another light switch that was near our couch. Daryle was sitting on the couch right next to the switch. Kamaile being her innovative self tried climbing up the couch. Of course she is not tall enough to do that, so who better to get her up there then her dad. She called to her daddy and said,"Bubp..bubp." Daryle picked her up and immediately she was trying to crawl out of his arms to get to the light switch. Daryle and I were laughing about it not thinking anything about it. 5 min later Kamaile was on the couch playing by herself with the switch. We had put pillows down so that in case she fell she would fall on pillows. Out of the corner of my eye I see Kamaile on the arm of the couch jumping off of it onto the ground. Not a fall, not a slip, but a full out jump. I could believe my eyes the girl usually is very careful to not fall and here she is jumping off the couch. She landed on her feet but the impact was pretty bad. Kamaile was taken to the doctors because she couldn't walk and found out that she bruised her bone below the knee and had fluid around her knee.
My little girls is so sad to watch. She can't walk. She kinda one leggedly crawls. I feel bad that she's hurt but I really hope she has learned from this and will not do this again. Hopefully next week she will start being able to walk again.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

I had a trip away from the kids and responsibility of motherhood with some of my closest friends. All mothers who needed a getaway. Our husbands were all supportive in letting us go and have our fun. We stayed in a poolside suite, enjoyed the sun while drinking virgin pina-colada's, shopped the premiere outlets  and danced the night away. 
Its so nice knowing that I have a loving husband who understands the importance of girl time. Daryle stayed home with the kids and took great care of them. He took them to a BYU volleyball game and treated them to a dinner out. I came home to a nice clean house. He is such a great husband and father. Its so nice knowing that I don't have to worry about them when I am out of town.