Monday, December 29, 2008

My First Birthday Cake!

Kamaile turned 1 Dec. 6 and had fun digging into her first Birthday cake. I made her own special chocolate cake with buttercream icing. She ate the whole thing and wanted more. She was having so much fun with the attention she was receiving that the whole time she kept on yelling out with excitement when we weren't staring at her. It was so cute. Can you believe babies one. Time flies! It feels like yesterday when I had Makayla and look at us now. Three kids all over the baby stage. SO said.

burr its cold

Christmas tree Adventure

One of our family traditions is to go cut down a christmas tree every year. Since we moved to Utah it has been more difficult then normal. Our first year we drove to Richfield and wandered around hoping we could find a place to cut down the tree. We had a good map but finding the roads were a bit tough considering we were in the mountains and they were not major roads. Eventually we followed people who had already cut trees in there trucks and found a good spot. This year our trip was a bit more adventurous. We decided to try Roosevelt, UT. We were told that it is a really beautiful drive so we went there. What should have been closer then Richfield took us double the time. Our tree took us 8 hours to find. Our map was not informative at all.  It had lines but no road names. We started asking for directions and was told to go on this one road that was on BLM land. If any of you don't know what that is it is oil mining land. Here we are in our truck,sqooshed bouncing around and inhaling dust, in the middle of a dessert looking for a Christmas tree. Huge oil rigs driving past us on a one lane dirt road. All you were able to see were the oil drills and maybe a bush. We drove hours on this dirt road to find out we were on the wrong road. We followed another truck to the correct road and then dove for what felt like 2 hours. Out in the middle of no where were Christmas trees. We went off roading which Kamaile loved and parked in a ditch. We searched for our tree which was fun. Kamden learned how to go number 2 in the desert and cut down a tree. Our tree filled the back of our truck and was squeshed sideways at the top. Our trip left us with some fun memories and a lost cell phone.