Friday, August 28, 2009

New favorite Blog

I was referred to this blog from my wonderful visiting teacher. Her daughter does a website with tested receipts of freezer meals. Take a look at the website and you will see that these aren't your typical receipts but receipts that you would not think could be frozen.


Bumps and bruises.

In addition to Kamailes short hair she now has road burn on her face near her eyes and on her shoulder. She was chasing our toy tractor that you ride on down our drive way and fell when she couldn't keep up with it and scrapped up her face. Her left eye was swollen shut the following morning. She never bled but she now looks like an abused child. After all this and it healed Makayla knocked Kamaile over on her bike and ran over her. Her left eye once again is swollen since she hit the ground on it and is bruised. I tell you what she is looking really beaten up.

Hair cuts and MORE

Kamaile got a haircut two weeks ago without Daryle and my permission. We have a 16yrs old girl who comes over and visits often. She decided one day while we were home to see if she could cut Kamaile's hair. I thought she was joking and sarcastically said ok. So she ventured deeper and was like come on lets do it it would be fun. So I told her to ask Daryle knowing he would say NO. He did tell her NO and 10 min later she took Kamaile up stairs and takes the clippers and shaves her head. At this point Kamaile had about 4 inches of curly hair. I heard her screaming and yelled at her upstairs to see what was going on. Kristine the 16yr old came down stairs with Kamaile and was like; "Don't you like her hair?" As she got closer I was able to see the damage. Kamaile had one long strip of hair gone on the left side of her hair. Then she had random strips of hair taking off of the back of her head. She had cuts on her hair from the clippers. Kristine didn't use a clip on the clippers but just took them and had NO clue what she was doing.
I was shocked. I was mad and at this point was slowly building to a boil. I told Kristine to show Daryle and she didn't want to in fear of Daryle getting mad. She was like NO I'm scared. She showed Daryle and all he did was say look at my little girl look what you did and the left the house. Daryle was ticked.
We had to finish shaving Kamailes hair at this point. We used a #2 hair clip and shaved the rest off. Kamaile screamed the whole time we were doing this. She was traumatized. It was torture! I was so upset that my little girl was going through this and that she now looked like a boy. I was upset that she was hurt and didn't know how to emotionally deal with it. Inside I wanted to yell at this girl. I didn't yell at her but explained to her that there are good choices and bad choices and that this is a prime example of a bad choice. No shes not drinking or smoking but it was still a bad choice. I talked to her about her thought process and why she would do this after being told NO and then continuing when Kamaile is scared and screaming bloody murder. I basically cried. When I'm mad and upset I cry. I think this was the only thing that got through to her. She didn't feel bad before but at this point she knew that I was really upset.
Kamaile's hair is growing back really fast. She's gone two weeks now and it looks like she just had a short hair cut on purpose. We keep hair bands on her with bows on them so that people know that she's a girl. Kamaile now loves to wear her headbands when before she would wrip them off of her head. She does feel empty on top. Every once in a while I'll see her feeling for her hair. She used to play with it and run her fingers through it. Now she just tries to grab for it when she forgets its not there.

I figure what's done is done. I'm sure down the road when she is older and I look back on it I'll smile and say to Daryle, remember when....

Kamden starts Preschool.

If most of you remember last year, taking Kamden to preschool was always difficult. He would fight, cry, go limp as a fish, and cling to me each time I tried to drop him off. As the year went on it progressively got worse. Remembering how he was then I was worried about how he would do now. As the first day of school came Kamden didn't want to go. We got ready and showed up at school and to my surprise he got out of the car and started walking to the school without me even next to him. I caught up with him and was walking slightly behind me. I wouldn't let him touch me or try to hold my hand because I knew if I let him he would start to cling. As we rounded the corner hall and we could see his class door open I told Kamden to go to his class. He walks straight into his class with NO tears and didn't even look back.
Can I tell you how shocked and proud of him I was and am! I feel like he has matured and grown during the summer. Either he has more confidence in himself or he cut one of those strings that was attached to me and is doing well without it. Since then he's done really good. I had one day of tears but none since. I find if I don't walk with him to the class he will go all by himself. He loves school and his teacher. He talks in detail about all the doings in the class and talks about it with such enthusiasm.

School has started!

Makayla started all day school this year. We are so excited! Daryle and I took her clothes shopping and turned it into a date. It was fun spending time with her and seeing how much she has grown up. She has such an opinion on what she wears, whats cute and whats not. Its funny watching her pick the different shirts that she likes and the ones that Daryle and I like for her. I have to say all of our styles are SOOOO different.
On the first day of school Makayla woke up extra early and was excited to get going. At 7:30am Makayla was ready for the day. She picked out her own outfit from her new school clothes picked out the bow that went in her hair and even told me how she wanted her hair done. She asked me about every 5 min if its time to walk to the school bus. When the time did come I wanted to walk her to the bus stop. Makayla didn't like this so much.

"MOM I don't need you to walk me to the bus stop I can walk by myself!"

"MOM I'm not taking pictures thats so embarrassing! MOM stop taking pictures!"

Holy cow how did my little girl turn into an independent child. She is growing up way to fast and talking like she already wants nothing to do with me. I wish I could slow down time and have her want me to be with her more. And let me be mom.
Having her at school all day is very nice but I have to admit I do miss her and look forward to her coming home.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Poison Control

After 6 years of having children we had to break down and call poison control on Sunday. Our youngest has always done really well taking liquid meds. Weather they tasted good or not she always drank them and liked to hold the bottles. Well this Sunday she woke up with a really nasty snotty nose so I kept her home from church and gave her some Dimetapp cold and allergy to help dry out her nose. If any of you have tasted Dimetapp I would say it tastes like grape koolaid. So I left the Cosco size bottle on top of our counter after giving her her meds and didn't think anything of it. Well 3 hours later my sister runs up the stairs to tell me that she found Kamaile on top of the counter, the dimetapp bottle empty on the floor and our little girl smelling like grapes. Somehow she had opened the bottle and drank about 3oz of Dimetapp.
When talking to Poison Control they told me that she didn't drink enough to have to take her to the hospital but that she will either be really hyper or extremely tired. Last night she was bouncing off the walls, but this morning she was extremely tired. She came into my bed early and would not let me leave her side. She was in an out of it all morning long. It is now 12:40pm and she is finally awake and eating.
Now I know to keep all meds no matter what kind of child proof lids they have on them up high and away from her and the others.

Its a?

Friday I was supposed to find out what we were having and I missed my appointment. I'm terrible at remembering what time things are at so I put them in my phone to remind me. Well when friday came along I went to find my phone and found that it was lost. So I decided that I would find my computer and look up my doctors number and call to see what time the appointments at. So as I'm searching that morning I am having a hard time finding it. During this whole time Makayla has been sneaking peaks at me and snickering. Little did I know she has hid my computer and thought it was hilarious that I am searching all over the house for it and am having a hard time finding it. So around 2:45pm Makayla decides to let me know that she had hidden it. To this day I still don't know where she hid it at.
I call the doctors to find out that my appointment was at 1:15pm. So I have rescheduled for Tuesday at 1:30pm. Not only do I have it in my phone but also on my large calander. My friends all know when it is and will be calling me as well to remind me about my appointment so that I do not miss it again.
It seems to me that everyone it anxious to find out what we are having.