Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Kamden has this friend in Preschool that just loves him. When he cried and had to be taken out of the Christmas program this little girl friend made him a "hope you feel better" card. When we saw her at school she would tell Kamden and I that we needed to make sure that we went to her house to pick up the card. When he would cry because she he didn't want to go to class because its a substitute teacher this little girl would try to make him feel better and tell him it will be alright because the teacher is nice. Every time this little girl sees Kamden in Primary she makes it a point to say hi to him. When she tries to talk to him he blushes and becomes really shy.
I ran into this little girl yesterday at a store and her mom said that they were just talking about Kamden. Her daughter was mentioning that Kamden was sad again in school and that she wanted to give him a hug to make him feel better. This little girl is the sweetest thing ever. I asked her mom if Zion would like to come over and play today after school. Zion started blushing and of course said she would. We ran into them again at dinner. Kamden went over to there table and formally asked Zion if she wanted to come over and play today. Kamden was beet red when he asked. It was sooo cute. When she answered he quickly ran away and hide. I just sat there and laughed. Its so sweet how kids are. 

They played today at the house and played really well together. He shared everything with her and her with him. It seems like there two peas in a pod.

So fun!

Valentines Dance

So Daryle is not a dancer and I am. For the past 3 years I have wanted to go to the Stake Valentines dance and every year I had either gotten sick or I was huge and pregnant. So this year I was neither so I dragged Daryle out to the dance. WOW..was it a flash back. I felt like I was at my church high school dances all over again except for everyone was dancing really goofy and there was really good desserts. 
Daryle was being a really good sport. He was my support, something to hold on to while dancing. It was nice dancing with him on the slow dances. Being close and interacting with eachother without doing the nitty gritty. Even though the music was horendous I had so much fun. People watching and slow dancing made the night a blast. 
Will I go back next year? Probably not but hey now I know that I hadn't missed out of much the previous years. 

Happy Birthday Makayla

We did a little family birthday party for her. She had her friend Whitney over to enjoy her brownie cupcakes with her. We had planned on them decorating the cupcakes into butterflies but all they wanted to do was blow out the candles and eat the brownies. 
Makayla had fun. We were able to have her grandparents watch her open her presents and see how much fun she was having on her 6th birthday.

Wedding Bliss

I was able to go to California this past weekend to watch my brother marry his girlfriend of 5 years. I always thought that she would be the one for him. I'm excited that I have another sister in law. 
Kaleo looked so happy and overwhelmed at the same time. The weather was beautiful. I was able to spend time with my brother Jesse and his wife and get to know her better. His kids are so cute and full of energy. 
Coming home to snow and cold weather has been very difficult but having my kids with me here and happy so see me has made all the difference.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lost tooth

So I've been meaning to write for a while but have been preoccupied with my crazy life. Makayla lost her first tooth at the beginning of this month. That night when the tooth fairy came and put money under her pillow her sister woke up and started screaming. I picked her up from her bed and went to put her on the couch so that she wouldn't be disturbed from Kamaile's screaming and she said "mommy I can't leave because I have to make sure the tooth fairy comes. I told her I'm sure the tooth fairy won't forget to check under her pillow. 
The next morning she asked if I was the tooth fairy. Of course I told her I was not. She was happy to know that the tooth fairy had given her a dollar.
That night I went to a class with some friends and found out that this tooth fairy was really cheap. Apparently the tooth fairies going rate is more along the line of $5. Oops!
What she doesn't know won't hurt.