Monday, March 16, 2009

New calling

So I am in Young Womens now. I'm so excited. I can't wait to be a part in these girls lives and give them the guidance and love that will help them lead a good life. I want to just jump into everything and start running. I have to admit that I am nervous because its all new to me but I'm sure I will have help along the way. FUN!!!

Dare Devil

My little boy is a Dare Devil! It is finally nice outside so of course Kamden doesn't want to be inside. He has taken off on his bike and has crashed and burned. 
We have some dirt jumps that our neighborhood kids have made. Kamden had decided that he was going to jump them. He did really good a couple of times but like all fun things they come to an end. He took off the jump again and face planted. My poor boy was all bloody and all the neighborhood boys who were at the jump came running down to the house to let me know that kamo had fallen and is bleeding. I ran down there and found him at the bottom of this hill. His bike was broken and my little boy had blood all over his face, hands, and shirt. He was crying. As a mother I panicked. You never want to see your child covered in blood crying hysterically. His eyes were half shut and he was staggering towards me with his arms stretched out. I just wanted to cry with him. His nose had swelled for two days after this but nothing was broken. He needed good cuddling and a bath. 
It breaks my heart to see my kids hurt. I feel so helpless. 
I'm sure this won't be the last of his crazy attempts or hurt filled cries. Heaven help me.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In A Funk.

I'm usually a busy body who loves to be out and about. You would think I really would be out doors considering the weather has been warm and welcoming. For some reason I having a hard time getting out of bed, let alone out of the house. 
I've been reading alot lately which has explained why I've been in the house more but thats not the only thing. I've been cooking dinners alot more lately. that is something considering I was down to cooking MAYBE twice a week. I'm feeling very home and family. Is that even a feeling? 
Today I played with Kamden Chutes and Ladders. It was so cute watching him do the victory dance weather he won or not. After the victory dance he would run and jump right on me so that I could give me a big bear hug. Through his laughter he would say,"I love you mom!" We played over and over again just so that I could here him so those words again and watch him do the victory dance. 
Makayla lost her 2nd tooth on Sunday. I can now say that the tooth fairy did alot better this time around. I figure for each tooth she could get a dollar. So this time she received two dollars. When she woke up the morning it was so funny. She came running into my room and said "mommy look the tooth fairy gave me two dollars.....why?" "I thought I was only going to get one dollar but she gave me two?" I kinda thought it was funny since I could have kept it at a dollar and she would have been happy with that but now that she got two it became confusing. All because I felt like I was a cheap tooth fairy. I had to explain to her that for every tooth she looses she will get that many dollars. She was pretty excited and wanted to count all of her teeth so that she would know how much money she would be getting. What have I gotten myself into.