Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The picture craze.

So I did not realize that pictures of Daryle on our blog would make such a fuss. I find this really funny. WOW. I did not realize people would be trying to get ahold of this blog so they could see him in this light. 
Daryle found out yesterday that I posted these pictures. I have to say he was a really good sport. To be honest I would have about dyed. Our bishop, bishop Jensen, stopped beside our car yesterday to tell Daryle that he saw some pictures of Daryle and thought they were hilarious. Daryle didn't realized what pictures he was talking about until bishop mentioned how he's shaved his hair. Daryle immediately turns to me and asks me who I had shown and how people were looking at these pictures. Well at that point I thought it would be a good time to tell him I put it on our family post. He was a bit shocked, which didn't last that long. Well we were on our way to take the kids to the roller rank and ran into some friends of his and found out that they had seen it as well. How they found out about it I have NO idea. 
Since that night I have had many inquiries about seeing these photos, SO EVERYONE, HERE THEY ARE!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Stratus Men

Pimpin' Stratus

Its 70's day at Stratus(where Daryle works) where all the men had a contest to see who looked the most from the 70's. All the men had to grow out there mustaches for 1month with first a GO T and then a mustach. Daryle decided to take this challenge to a new level and grow out his hair as well. As you all know he is balding, with a major receeding hairline so he thought it would be funny to try to do the flap over. His hair wasn't long enough for a proper flapover so here is what he did.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prego photos

I just received this photo when i was pregnant with Kamaile. I love how Makayla and Kamden had there hands on my belly feeling Kamaile.  I remember how calm she was inside of me. She did love to play when the kids were near but when we took this photo she was probably sleeping. When she came out she slept alot. That was a blessing. Fun memories.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Can you tell who's who?

A Complex

Kamden will not eat waffles. I had to laugh. I guess burning the eggo waffles taught him not to eat waffles. I asked him if he wanted eggo waffles for breakfast this morning and he said to me,"No mommy they will burn. I can't have any!" He didn't mind having toast from the toaster but no waffles. Its been about two weeks since he burnt them so I guess we will have to see if he will eat then in a couple of weeks. He's so sweet.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Burnt Waffles

Fire alarm blaring, house full of smoke and what did I find, EGGO WAFFLES.  Its Sunday and the kids are ready for church. Last to get ready would be me. Out of nowhere I hear the fire alarm going off. I walk out of the Kids bathroom, where I was getting ready and saw smoke rising from my main floor into our loft upstairs. Right at the moment I looked down stairs and there is Kamo running up the stairs terrified. When I asked him what happened he just said in a wimpery voice,"the alarm". I thought I was going to find my kitchen in flames.  The whole downstairs was filled with smoke. It was so thick I was covering my mouth and nose trying to breath in fresh air. Black smoke was shooting up through the slits in the toaster. Our son decided to put the setting on burnt and then continuely press it down until it was shooting up smoke. I quickly unplugged the toaster and popped up the toaster lever to find Burnt Eggo waffles. I didn't know what to do. The smoke was still shooting up even unplugged so I started running around the house trying to open windows. Oh yeah, did I tell you it was -4 degrees that morning? So our windows were frozen shut and none of them wanted to open. I had makayla trying to open windows upstairs while I'm trying to yank them open downstairs. All the doors in the house were open. The heat turned off. Two windows over the sink were open and smoke in EVERY room in the house. Kamden had locked himself in his room and was crying. All the smoke has risen into the upstairs and wouldn't escape. None of our windows upstairs would open even with all of our tugging. OUR HOUSE STUNK! 
Needless to say we were late to church. When the kids and I walked into church all I could think about was that we stunk SOOOO bad. When we sat down Daryle looked at me like what the heck happened. At this point I was not in the best mood. My patience had been spent and I tell him....YOUR SON ALMOST BURNT DOWN THE HOUSE!!!! a minute later our whole family walk out of church. We stunk so bad Daryle wouldn't let all of us stay. Thank goodness. He made me stay since I taught sunday school so every time someone walked by me or talked to me I felt like I had to explain why I stunk so bad. 
When I came home from church I found our house stinky and freezing with Daryle MAD. When i left to take the kids to church I left the windows over the sink open as well as the back door and the heat off. Apparently you shouldn't do that. Our sink pipes had frozen and burst. Daryle was pretty ticked at me because in addition to airing out our house, wiping walls and washing everything he had to fix the sink.  All for Burnt waffles.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Haapppy New Yearsssss!

I love this picture. It just shows you how excited we are about this upcoming year. Can you tell?

Apples to Apples

New years Eve. A bunch of our friends got together and stayed up late enjoying friendly conversations and yummy food. We played Apples to Apples and found that I was totally in tuned with Daryle. Everytime it was my turn to pick the best word that suited my card I would always pick his. Random but he and I were always on the same page. Needless to say he won because of it. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let it SNOW!

It is still snowing here in Utah. The kids and I were driving through Provo Canyon and took this picture. I thought that it was a beautiful picture of our mountain sides. 
If winter is going to be the same as late year we have 4 more months of snow. YIPEE.