Friday, May 22, 2009

Teachers Appreciation

A couple of weeks ago was teacher appreciation week. Each room mom was responsible for having the teachers door decorated. Here is Makayla's Kindergarten Mrs. Benson's door.

Palms Springs 3

So the conference we went to was a soapmakers/beauty products conference. Daryle's company is the associations insurance for each member. Here are some of the soaps they had on display for a contest. Here are the ones I really liked. They really smelled good.

Palms Springs 2

Daryle joined me at the pool usually every day to do some exercises and enjoy the sun. On one of these days we were playing some pool games trying to see who could swim under water the longest without coming up for air. On one of these tries he was swimming and ran head first into the wall. He was swimming diagonally because one of his shoulders have been hurting him due to a muscle tear so naturally he started going towards the wall. I was to far away from him to stop him so he ran into the wall. 
It was SOOOO funny!

Palms Springs 1

Daryle had a conference to attend in Palms Springs and invited me along. We stayed at this beautiful resort that had amazing landscaping. The resort had a Tuscan villa feel to it. It had hibiscus flowers all over the area and bougainvillea climbing the walls. Rose bushes scattered the grounds and sent a very sweet scent in the air. The atmospher was a really relaxed positive feeling. They offered yoga classes and tai chi classes each day and meditation classes. They had a spa on the resort next to the main pool which offered everything imaginable including a high consentrated salt pool. 
While Daryle was busy at the conference going to meetings I was enjoying the warm air at the pool. I spent most of my time at the pool going for a swim or getting some sun on my skin. I spent a whole day at the spa enjoying there massages and some of there different ammentities. They offered the salt pool which was so relaxing. This salt pool is a place where you would lay in the water without having to worry about floating. Because it has such a high amount of salt you automatically float. the purpose of it is to let all your muscles relax including your brain. Your body could reach a higher lever of relaxation becuase your brain doesn't have to use alot of its functions. I went to a yoga class and read a book while laying in a hammock under a tree.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Our little boy loves super heros! Today we had the pleasure of being in spidermans presence. Jump kicking off couches, flying around our rooms and fighting all the bad guys. He went outside,which is beautiful, and decided he was going to fly to the air like spiderman does except his web didn't work and he landed straight on his head. I came out of the house to find my little spiderman on the ground holding his head and crying. He said; "I tried to be like spiderman and I hurt my head." Even our super hero's need mothers to tend to there tears and make them feel better. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

He's a Screamer!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday we have preschool to attend. Our little boy has been fighting me on going every school day. We argue when we are getting dressed for school. He kicks and screams and cries hysterically while I am dragging him into his class room and threatening him. it supposed to be this hard to get your child to school? Is it so bad that I want to just quiet preschool since we have only a week or two left? I understand the importance of it but MY GOODNESS it shouldn't be this bad. "Its more fun to be with MOMMY then going to school!"What do I say to that? I love that he wants to be with me but he really does need to go. I can do it....RIGHT? Only two more weeks....I can do it!