Sunday, October 10, 2010

Its been way to long!

Lots have happened since I last wrote a post. Kole is big and healthy. He's now 9months and just started crawling. Makayla is active and playing soccer. She loves to run so this seems to be the perfect sport for her. Watching her go after the ball and make sure that no one is pushing her around is really exciting and intense. I never thought I'd say this but I am a full on soccer mom. She is very aggressive when she plays. She loves to play middle or forward.
Kamden has been busy with his friends and school. He loves coming home and telling me what kind of things they did during the day. He enjoys doing homework and working in his math book. He is still very busy playing on his bike and playing outside. Right now he is very consumed with his friends and playing with them. He loves to ride the bus and gets upset if I pick him up from school or drive him to school. He is growing up so fast that I feel like my little cuddly momma's boy is fading away.
Kamaile is as active and full of energy as ever. She keeps me running after her and laughing all the while. She misses her siblings now that she is home with just Kole. She asks me every day,"Mom, Kamo on bus? Kamo at school?" I'll answer her and tell her Kamden went on the bus to school and she'll say,"OH!" and then two seconds later we repeat the process until Kamden comes home. Once Kamden is home it switches to Makayla.


Lara said...

gosh your kids are so cute! I need to see them! Kole looks like he's getting so big! Its good to hear an update!!!

Jessica said...

Let me just say I am completely shocked that you updated your blog! :) So excited to see pictures of the kids! I can't believe how grown up they are getting.